Monday, June 27, 2005

Breaking the silence

Well, I'm back. In fact I've been back from Antarctica for a ridiculously long time (as most of you reading this already know). Sorry for the super-long lapse in correspondence. I've been busy. Sure, not so busy that I couldn't make a quick entry, but busy enough so that I just never felt like doing it. Now that I'm back from Antarctica I'm not really sure what to do with the blog. I guess I could just write about my time in LA. Afterall, the Neil Young song that this blog is named after was originally written about Los Angeles (or so is my belief). Time will tell, I'm sure. I would like to say right off the bat though that this new entry in no way symbolizes any commitment on my part to keep blogging on any regular, semi-regular, or even wildly sporadic frequency.

I got back from Antarctica in Feb. I spent a few days traveling around New Zealand (what people on the ice like to call "decompression time"). I wish I had a longer stay there, but I had things in the real world to take care, so it was a quick trip. What I now provide for you is a link to the Shutterfly photos of my time in New Zealand. Beautiful place New Zealand is. It's my humble belief that everyone needs to go there once in their life. But I'm sure there's lots of places we all should go once in our life, and it's hopeless to get to all of them. So enjoy the pictures.

Here's a few to whet your appetite.

My travel map. Like I said, it was a quick trip, too quick for sure. But it was at least a little bit of good life.  Posted by Hello

Panoramic shot of Wharariki Beach located near Cape Farewell. Typical gorgeous coastline of New Zealand. Posted by Hello

Sea lions at Kiakoura.  Posted by Hello

Kiakoura, New Zealand.  Posted by Hello

A closer picture of the arches of Wharariki Beach. Posted by Hello

Trees bending to the relentless wind of Cape Farewell, located on the northern tip of the south island of New Zealand. Posted by Hello